Manor Way, Beckenham

68 Manor Way, Beckenham, Kent, BR3 3LR

New build construction of 5 bedroom detached house in the heart of the Manor Way conservation area in Beckenham.

The land for this development was used as a side garden to the host house which had become largely overgrown and unused. A planning application had previously been made by another development company for the construction of a detached house. The planning application was refused by the local authority and the developer had subsequently appealed against the local authorities decision. The appeal was refused by the planning inspectorate for several reasons but most notably the removal of a large pine tree which was considered detrimental to the conservation area.

It was at this point that McAllister Developments Limited became involved with the scheme. With our experienced team of Architect, Planning and Arboricultural Consultants we were able to design a building which not only provides fantastic accommodation but was also more sympathetic to the conservation area and also retained all of the large trees on the site. The subsequent planning application was granted permission by the planning inspectorate and the resulting building can be seen to make a very positive contribution in one of Beckenham’s most desirable roads.